State support

Our team with many years of experience will help you get state support to cover the cost of transportation of the deceased. Prepare the necessary documents, consult on procedures andadvise.

1) Support for the transportation of corpses is equal to the actual costs of transportation of remains to the Republic of Lithuania, but cannot exceed 54 basic social benefits (EUR 2,160).
2) The natural person organizing the repatriation shall be entitled to a repatriation allowance, if at the moment of application and making the decision, monthly income of the above person does not exceed 3 state supported income amounts (EUR 384).
3) This support may be granted if the deceased was not insured or if the person was insured, but according to the insurance contract it is not assigned as an insured event.
4) A person who has organized the transportation of the deceased must apply to the municipal administration for support according to the deceased’s previous declared place of residence or, if his or her place of residence has not been declared, his or her last place of residence no later than 12 months after the date on which entitlement to the support for transportation of the remains arose.

The decision about allocating the repatriation allowance is  made and the allowance will be paid to the person organizing the repatriation within one month from the day of receiving the application and all documents.

At the same time, you can apply for a funeral allowance of € 320.

Documents required to get state support:

  1. identity card or the passport of the person entitled to receive support;
  2. application for transportation support;
  3. medical death certificate;
  4. when applying for support for the transportation of the deceased – documents proving the incurred costs of transportation of body to the Republic of Lithuania, as well as documents on income received by cohabitants or one resident, if information cannot be obtained from state registers and departmental registers and state information systems;
  5. Certificates of income received by the applicant and his / her family members during the previous 3 months.

More information on state support:

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Register of legal acts
Ministry of Social Security and Labour