The price consists of several parts and depends on the country from which the deceased needs to be transported. The final price is determined by the individual situation, but indicative prices can be found below.

  1. Transportation costs 1000-2500 EUR. The price depends on the distance from where the remains need to be transported and the mode of transport: car, ferry, plane.
  2. Fees for documents for foreign institutions 50-500 EUR. Taxes and fees have to be paid to the various authorities in the country from which the body is to be transported for the preparation and issuance of documents.
  3. Fees for a morgue abroad 0-2500 EUR. This fee is paid to the morgue of the country from which the deceased is to be transported for the storage of the body, transportation from the scene to the morgue, and so on.
  4. Galvanized coffin 0-1500 EUR. When driving a car, we transport your loved one in our galvanized coffin for transportation, which is free of charge. However, there are some countries, for instance Italy, France, Spain which allow to remove the remains only embalmed and only with a double (internal galvanized and external wooden) coffin certified by that country, which costs about 1500 EUR. In this case, after transporting the deceased, we hand over the coffin to the funeral family.
  5. In some countries or regions, e.g. Austria – mandatory sealing of galvanized coffins – price starts from 200 EUR.
  6. Body preparation for transportation (necessary in some countries) 300-1000 EUR.
  7. If the deceased is transported by air, the body must be embalmed. Transportation by plane takes arounf 1-2 days, depending on the combined flights. But mandatory embalming and documentation takes longer than transportation by road.

We will discuss and agree with you the best price according your wishes.

We can transport the deceased (his body) to your given address, or we can transport the deceased to crematorium and bring the urn.

At your request, we can embalm the body, dress it, prepare it for farewell.

If you have incurred expenses abroad that are independent of us, we will provide you with receipts proving those additional expenses.