About us

We provide transportation of the deceased and related services.

We work throughout Europe and beyond.

We work 24/7 every day.

We work closely with embassies, consulates, and other state institutions.

We respectfully and safely transport the deceased with our own special transport:

  • the car has German certified refrigeration equipment, which maintains the optimal temperature during transportation, analogous to the storage conditions of the mortuary refrigerator – about 5 degrees Celsius;
  • we transport the deceased in a high-quality double galvanized coffin. It is a specialized coffin made for transportation, that meets international requirements for the repatriation of corpses: the inner coffin is galvanized, tightly closed, the deceased is transported in it, and the outer coffin is wooden;
  • the car is equipped with a durable, stainless steel fastening system for safe transportation of deceased;
  • two experienced drivers will bring your loved home within 48 hours;
  • After transportation, we will bring your loved one according given address. You don’t have to pay for a transportation coffin;
  • If deceased is cremated, the ashes are transported in an urn. Before cremation, we transport the deceased in a galvanized coffin, special transport with low temperature conditions.

We have a team with many years of experience in this field, which will take care of:

  • preparation of all documents necessary for the transportation of the remains;
  • contact all responsible authorities abroad instead of you (contact the police, forensic experts, obtain a court permit, obtain a death certificate, arrange all other permits);
  • prepare documents for state support, transportation of the remains, receive and provide all possible assistance and consultations;
  • the team members speak Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, English, German;
  • we cooperate with reliable partners in Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Italy.